The PedalPal Features

The PedalPal is a versatile and reliable device designed to stabilize the sustain pedal of keyboards and digital pianos during live performances.

Here are some of the key features of the PedalPal:  

Patented Design: The PedalPal has a patented design that provides a secure and stable base for the sustain pedal, preventing it from slipping, sliding, or moving during performances.  

Two Different Designs: The PedalPal comes in two different designs: the Stationary Design and the New Roll-Up Design. The stationary design is designed for musicians who play at a fixed location, while the Roll-Up is designed to fold for traveling musicians who need a compact and lightweight solution for their pedal.  

Our New Dual Design: The Dual Pedalpal comes with two slots for two sustaining pedals for dual keyboards and digital pianos.  

High-Quality Materials: The PedalPal is handcrafted and made of highquality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. It is built to withstand the rigors of live performances and frequent use.  

Easy to Install: The PedalPal is easy to install and does not require any additional tools or modifications to your instrument. Just place it on the floor, slip in the sustain pedal and “No More Chasing the Pedal.  

Compatible with All Keyboards: The PedalPal is compatible with most keyboards and it can be used with both single and double sustain pedal.  

Improves Performance: The PedalPal improves the performance of musicians by providing a stable and secure base for the sustain pedal, allowing for greater precision and ease during performances.  

Overall, the PedalPal is an innovative and practical device that provides a reliable solution for stabilizing the sustain pedal during live performances. Its patented design, high-quality materials, and ease of use make it an essential tool for musicians who want to improve their performance and play with greater precision and ease.


New Roll-Up Design

Our New Roll-Up Single PedalPal stationary design is perfect for musicians who want a stable and reliable sustain pedal support.